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The more than 40 employees and consultants of Bopro are divided into regional teams. In 2016, this regional structure has been further implemented. Operational teams are now active in Flandres, Antwerp, Brussels, Europe and Luxembourg. Ever since the team objectives on revenue and productivity have been set and monitored. Therefore management and reporting procedures have been developed and enforced. Naturally our ISO-procedures have been adapted to this new structure.

After a year we can conclude that the reporting process is under control and that the productivity of the teams is mostly under control. Although we’ve also learned that the coaching of the team members could be improved.

Bopro is focussing on the development of the coordination procedures between the product innovation and the market or in other words the coordination between the champions and the regional managers.

  • development of the conditions that improves innovation.
  • training of the Regional Managers to become even better coaches of their team members. A training and coaching program has been developed with Hudson.
  • merging of Bopro@Brugge and Bopro@Gent into one team to increase the efficiency of the organisation.
  • engagement of more and better business development and sales capacity.
  • integration of the development projects in order to develop one management structure for Bopro (services) and BSI (Bopro Sustainable Investements).

Bopro welcomed 8 new colleagues. In the meantime 5  collaborators decided to embark for a new professional challenge.

Half January 2017 our new HR manager was appointed. Ever since the operational tasks of the job are under control. She also developed Bopro AC@DEMY to ensure better training for our employees. Now she will focus on the development of a continious recruitment pipeline.  An online employer branding campaign will be set up by the end of 2017. Testimonials of our collegues will be posted online.

Since 2015 Behind the Buttons was appointed as the IT provider. In 2016 the concept of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) was implemented. BYOD gives the possibilty to choose your own device (laptop). Employees receive a fixed amount per month to buy the laptop of their choice. Our collaborators can plug-in their device at any workstation that is equiped by means of a widescreen display, a keyboard and a mouse.  At the end of 2016 Bopro evaluated the IT provider as well as the implemented concept and the overall result was satisfying.


In 2015 BoproL@B was founded. The objective of this l@b is to involve the Bopro staff in the development and implementation of innovative ideas such as the organisation of the office spaces and the innovation of the Bopro services.

The offices in Ghent and Mechelen have been refitted. Since 2017 specific areas with a dedicated function ( such as: quiet zone, multi-tasking zone, informal zone, phone boots…) are operational. Guidelines help the colleagues to use the different spaces as it should. The satisfaction survey we organised in June 2017 showed that our employees appreciates the transformation. The activity based spaces are used for the activities they were designed for. Some minor improvements were suggested during the satisfaction survey and will be taken into account.

When implementing the new way of working it’s not only about refitting but also about how to organise your job properly. In 2017 Dr Compernolle was asked to create awareness and insight in the added value of this new way of working. A taylor made workshop by Dr. Compernolle – on the functioning of our brain – has been held in January. It gave insights in the do’s and don’ts of multitasking, regular relaxation, good sleep…….and gave a set of good practices for our employees to be more productive, without having to deliver more efforts. A follow up session has been organized on June 22nd.

Additionally BoproL@B strives to stimulate innovation. Two working groups have started and work on circular economy and the digitalisation of our services. The innovationL@B has been started but does not progress at the right speed.  An alternative approach will have to be developed to ensure a correct and acceptable progress in line with the market.

Stronger as one

In December 2016 a 3 day seminar was organised for all Bopro employees and consultants. During this seminar the Vision, Mission, Strategy of Bopro has been questioned  and discussed.

This lead to a strategy change from customer intimacy (client oriented leadership) to product leadership, aiming to deliver excellent and unique products.

Due to this major strategic switch, we focussed on product innovation.
What about innovation in our existing services? Where do we see opportunities? Are there new services to be developped?

As a result of this seminar, a number of workgroups are set up. Ever since we are working on: BoproL@B innovation, Strategy development, We@Bopro, Bopro Academy.

On June 2017, a team building event has been organised to discuss on the different aspects of innovation and how we can transform from a client oriented organisation to a product leadership organisation.

The following conclusions and actions were decided:

  • A cultural change is needed
  • Not all employees want and can work on innovation
  • Innovation projects have to be considered with the same priority as other billable projects correct resources have to be allocated to them.
  • 7 initiatives to improve the innovation culture have been detected and will be further developed and implemented by our employees.