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Our way to CO2 neutrality

1. Our environmental impact: mobility and housing


Our only source of CO2 emissions for housing is ‘waste’, but this is negligible.

On the other hand, the consumption of electricity is increasing.
In Mechelen, outdoor sun blinds were installed at the beginning of 2020. This will undoubtedly have an impact on the consumption of electricity in Mechelen.
However, Ghent is the largest consumer of both locations. In Ghent there are more employees (internal services) permanently present at the office. It may explain the higher consumption.

The big culprit for CO2 emissions is our mobility. These figures have hardly changed in the last 3 years. The switch of company cars will have an impact on our CO2 emissions. We have switched from diesel to petrol. In spite of the higher emissions per car, we have managed to achieve a limited increase in emissions per FTE overall.

As a result of the Corona crisis, the use of the cars during the lock-down has fallen away. This will, of course, have a positive impact on the 2020 figures.




In 2019, Bopro decided again to compensate it’s CO2 emissions by getting involved in the CO2logic project, resulting in a CO2 neutral company.

Bopro has chosen for CO2logic who invests in socio-economic projects in Uganda, Kenya or Mali.

The project seeks to help save trees, reduce deforestation and ensure better living conditions for the local population by reducing harmful airborne pollutants in their household. The project facilitates access to improved cook stoves technologies, helping to reduce wood and charcoal consumption by 40%. Each cook stove contributes to reducing 1.4 tons of CO2 per year.