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Economic sustainability

Sustainable consultancy


The share of the revenues of sustainable consultancy is growing again, from 17% in 2016 to 20% during the first half of 2017.
The biggest part of the turnover are still the BREEAM assessments. But, more and more Bopro is involved in sustainable consultancy and strategic consulting, this during the development phase (consultancy based on the SDG’s – Sustainable Development Goals).

Bopro remains market leader in regard with BREEAM assessments in Belgium and this for BREEAM Communities, BREEAM new construction and BREEAM In-Use.

We do feel the need to develop the sustainability consultancy services further in depth:
– by offering our customers sustainable guidance without certification.
– by integrating the sustainable principles in all our services
– by implementing the principles of circular economy – Bopro’s innovation team is working on the circular economy aspects.

The share of our turnover on sustainable buildings (buildings with sustainable certification) is slightly reduced. The reduction is not significant and shall be evaluated at the end of the year. For that aspect Bopro is known in the market. Our sustainable approach and knowledge is a differentiator in the market.


Customer health & safety

The turnover we have on projects where we work on the health and wellbeing of the occupants of the buildings continued to increase to 71% in  2016 and has decreased to 62% (mid 2017).

Health and wellbeing is becoming more important in the sustainable development. A new certification scheme “WELL” has been launched into the market. Tenants and developers are encouraged to work together and to create workplaces where it is more comfortable to work. They both understand the effects that an healthy and comfortable workplace can have on the productivity of their staff.



International projects

The share of international projects decreased because of the fact that the BIU assessment program for some of our clients was smaller than in 2015. Over the years our international experience in BIU assessments, strategic advice, property management and development on the international level has grown. In this context Bopro prepares a sales force to acquire new international projects.