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Economic sustainability

Sustainable consultancy


The share of the sustainable consultancy increased again from 17,5% to 20%.

This increase could be explained by the fact that we’ve put additional products like WELL and circular economy put in the market. We also noticed a tendency towards more sustainable and futureproofed buildings and Professional Real Estate companies more often certify their buildings.

We want to continue to develop sustainable consultancy, thereby we will focus on

  • Existing buildings
  • Strategy development or strategic positioning of a development
  • Carbon strategy
  • Evaluate and test the market with DGNB (German certification scheme)
  • WELL assessments

The share of our turnover on sustainable buildings (buildings with sustainable certification) slightly increased at the level of 62%.

Even if the growth is relatively small we see more and more projects in the market that are certified. It is more and more seen as a differentiator or as a necessity to avoid a brown discount on the value of the buildings.


Customer health & safety


The turnover we have on projects where we work on the health and wellbeing of the occupants of the buildings has slightly decreased from 66% to 65%.

We predicted that the WELL assessments would have a positive effect on this aspect in 2019. More and more clients are evaluating the application of WELL to design and construct their buildings, but until now no one has really decided to do the WELL certification. There is a delay in the market or the product will not be embraced by the market.

To follow up in 2020.



International projects


We are again at the same level of 7,5 % as in 2017. The revenues of Bopro SAS are included.

Bopro SAS aims at the following assignments: AMO environmental, certifications, carbon strategy.

Acquiring BREEAM new construction missions in Europe becomes more difficult since there are more consultants on the market and the price level in these countries is lower than in Belgium.