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Creating outstanding communities for the upcoming generations

Bopro wants to exceed the market standards. We want to create a better world by realizing BO-PROjects.

BO-PROjects are

  • more than bricks and mortar
  • places where people love to live, work and play
  • places that enhances the quality of life for all stakeholders
  • long term projects on all levels of the real estate lifecylce


Together with our customers – from both the public and private sectors – we’re able to realize BO-PROjects, which are financially and socially feasible future-proof real estate projects. We can guide our customers through the entire real estate life cycle. This includes our advice regarding development, co-creation and sustainability, as well as project, process and property management.

During a three-day internal brainstorming session – at the end of 2016 –  we redefined Bopro’s services, our contribution within the real estate sector regarding the upcoming generation.

Inspired on the beehive, we used the most stable structure in nature – the hexagon – to represent the services we provide during the different stages of the life cycle of the Real Estate objects. We tend to a hybrid structure where Bopro as a service provider is willing to invest capital in projects in order to achieve its ambitious CSR objectives.

As a recognized RICS company (Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors), Bopro guarantees professionalism and thanks to our daily experience in the real estate sector and permanent training, we stay extremely vigilant for the rapid developments and innovations that are inherent in this industry.

Our targets

“Bopro wants to achieve projects that are sustainable and in doing so, we do not want to have any negative impact on the environment or people. Bopro wants to create buildings whose sustainable performance is better than what the market has to offer.

Real estate projects cannot always be seen separately from their surroundings. A sustainable real estate project takes into account the social, economic and ecological context in which it is developed. There is more to creating buildings than simply piling up building materials, it is all about developing functions in the space so that we can live, learn, work and relax in a pleasant way there.

In time, we only want to achieve projects that will have a positive impact on their surroundings. From “doing good things” to “being good”.

CSR targets 2019

The objective was and is still to integrate the CSR stategy in the business strategy and combine CSR actions within the business activities and where relevant within innovation activities.
Innovation focussed on circular economy and digitalisation.

Today we can report that the following products, developed in 2019 are sufficiently progressed to bring to the market:

  • Circular economy approach on existing buildings
  • Circular economy approach on new buildings – guiding the designers to create buildings with circular principles
  • BIM management and BIM coordination
  • Life cycle assessments (carbon emissions analysis)
  • CSR strategy development on company and site level

As described in our CSR strategy these subjects lend themselves to combine with CSR strategies.

The global CSR objectives can be found in the dashboards above. For 2019 the CSR strategy stays the same as defined in the mission statement of 2018-2019-2020.

A risk analysis and materiality matrix based on the SDG’s is confirmed. Stakeholders were involved to define the materiality of the SDG’s sub criteria where Bopro can have an impact on. See also the next paragraph. This will lead to a new strategy in 2020.

ISO 9001 en ISO 14001

Bopro boasts a quality management system and an environmental management system in accordance with ISO standards. We recognize the importance of delivering services consistently, services that meet customer expectations and limit environmental impact. Thanks to an effective application and continuous improvement of our processes, we strive for maximum customer satisfaction. That way, we can build select professional relationships.