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Dialogue & Partnerships

It all starts with a dialogue

Bopro decided to continue to involve stakeholders in determing its materiality matrix. We therefore thanks to an internal dialogue redefined the stakeholder map in 2017.
The stakeholder map below sets out Bopro’s stakeholders according to the Mitchell, Agle & Wood methodology. The map shows of what impact – according to our employees – our stakeholders have on our activities at a social, environmental or economic level.

As the new materiality matrix 2017 isn’t set up yet. We currently use the matrix that is  based on the dialogues conducted via surveys in 2014 and 2015 with prospects & clients.

In this one below we could already notice – in comparaison to the matrix of 2012 – a ‘move’ from the social aspects to the more material regions in the matrix. Smart cities are becoming more and more interesting for our stakeholders whereas during the previous reporting period, Bopro was not yet involved in this type of projects. Now we see more and more development project evolving into smart cities. This is probably the reason why location and connectivity made a deep fall for our stakeholders as this is mainly included in the smart cities’ ‘live, work, leisure’ components all combined in one location.

Healthy exterior spaces and diversity are becoming more material for our stakeholders. CO2 reduction was actually not material for our stakeholders during the survey period, but since the climate change conference in Paris  COP 21  in 2015 we are convinced that CO2 reduction becomes more important and that goals need to be set for our clients portfolio.



Bopro is a structural partner of the Professional Association of the Property Sector (Beroepsvereniging van de Vastgoedsector – BVS). This organisation brings together the real estate developers, building promoters, the parties subdividing the land and real estate investors in Belgium and represents our country in the European Union of Real Estate Developers. Via this partnership, mainly through the Technical Working Group, Bopro is actively involved in the appropriate implementation of new legislative measures (including energy performance legislation) and the creation and knowledge-sharing initiatives for tools that help secure sustainable property development.


The Shift
The Shift is the Belgian meeting point for sustainability. Together with its members and partners they want to realise the transition to a more sustainable society and economy.
Bopro signed in along with 130 other participants to the Green Deal Circular Purchases, an initiative of Flanders Circular, VVSG, The Shift and Bond Beter Leefmilieu. This second Green Deal, a voluntary agreement with the Flemish Government, serves as a lever to gain experience and knowledge on Circular purchases, to set up a learning network and collaborations between partners  and to expand the number of initiatives in the field of circular economy. With this Green Deal the signatories commit themselves to realise more than 150 circular purchase projects by June 2019.

Flanders ambition is to turn on a circular economy by 2050, in economy in which the cycles of commodity are closed. Therefore we need other products, services and business models. Circular purchases is an important lever for that change.  Governments, businesses and other organizations can already boost circular products and services by changing their own purchasing policy.

Bopro signed in on the Green Deal as a “Facilitator”. Bopro will support buyers in their search for more circular construction products and services. Throughout the entire real estate lifecycle we see opportunities to adapt the circular principles: from the design, over the construction concept, the reuse of the existing structures and materials, the material choices till the maintenance and management of the building,… At all these stages purchasers take decissions which are decisive for the  materials used and the impact they have on the entire real estate lifecycle.  more info


Voka Antwerp

Voka-Flemish network of enterprises represents the interests of companies in Flanders. As Voka-VEV concentrates on position, advocacy and project work on the Flemish level, the Voka Chambers – as Voka Antwerp is strong in advocacy and networking.

Bopro attended the trade mission to Cambridge with the Voka Antwerp Chamber.
Cambridge, the most important European University in terms of valorisation of knowledge with important business parks in all stages of business development. Representing the first circular Business Park of Antwerp ‘ BLUE GATE ANTWERP’ Bopro was interested in how Cambridge University meets up with high-tech industry. As VITO and UA (University of Antwerp) are already partners of Blue Gate Antwerp we wanted to encounter companies & investors interested in the synergy that’ll be created on Blue Gate Antwerp; the synergy between academic and professional innovators, between start-ups and large corporates, and how a big campus deals with this. Mutual interest was born, a follow-up appointment was scheduled.


CIFAL Flanders
CIFAL Flanders is a new UN Training Centre on Smart Sustainability Capacity Building and on implementing the UN Sustainable Development Goals in national policies, local authorities, organisations and companies. It is part of the CIFAL Global Network that comprises 15 local training centres of UNITAR, the United Nations Institute for Training and Research with headquarters in Geneva. 

Bopro works together with CIFAL on the implementation of the SDG’s on the BLUE GATE ANTWERP project.